Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of seed pack material do you offer?
We offer:
 - Paper polyethylene (or Paper PE) 90/30
 - Paper polyethylene – Aluminium foil Norbond DIK 707 
Note: Paper polyethylene 90/30 does protect the seeds to a certain extend because
it is stronger and more water repellent than just ordinary paper. However a much
better solution to maintain and protect the germination of the seeds is Paper
Polyethylene - Aluminium foil Norbond DIK 707 sachet. This material is a bit more
expensive than the Paper Polyethylene. PPZ guarantees the germination percentage
in a Paper PE pack up to 2 years and the aluminium packs up to 3 years.
What is the minimum required quantity  to be filled per variety?
We would suggest to order for example 5,000 or 10,000 empty packs (on rolls) 
and only fill a 1,000 packs per production run. 
What is a recommendable amount of varieties to start a 'Private Label'?
When you should start with for example 30 vast moving vegetables, 30 vast moving 
flowers and 10 vast moving herbs you can always add 'new' items every other season.
What is the quantity of packing material necessary to make pricing as efficient
as it can be (Having several categories and price levels) ?
Depending on the chosen material(s) and the size of the pack, the most cost 
efficient printing amount would be 10,000 packs (on rolls) per variety.
What about the actual design of private label?
We have an in-house design departement who can assist your client in 
designing a new seed pack.  The design cost per variety is Euro 50.  We can 
also send a technical drawing to you or your customer with the specifications
required.  Please be aware though that the designing phase until final 
artwork is very time consuming.     
What is the price indication for only filling 1,000 sachets?
The prices for filling 1,000 packs depend on various factors which makes it difficult 
to give you a general price indication. It depends on:
 - Size of the pack (can we fill 2 packs at the same time or just 1 bigger size)
 - What kind of seeds do we have to deal with? 
 - Should we use a trembling device while filling or mechanical counting, manual
 - Do we need an inner pack as the seed is to tiny, etc.
What are the storing costs for packing material from season to season?
Materials ordered through our printing company (your property / PPZ insurance)
can be stored in our warehouse for free. This is a service for our private label
customers in order to build a business relationship in stead of a customer-supplier-
General information
* Our price offers are ex-warehouse.
* High season for the printer and our production (filling) department starts at 
   the end of September until the end of January. During this period it is wise 
   to plan upfront! 
* When we would receive a printing order in november (for example) it is 
   impossible to deliver before the month of February.
* The most important item is the printed matter (your empty packs on rolls). 
   When we have got material on stock, we can always improvise because we are 
   in charge of the filling process. We cannot control the agenda of the printing 
   company so that is something to keep in mind. 
* During the months February until October, the lead-time (when we have got 
   materials on stock!) is quite fast. Our Laudenberg filling machines are able 
   to fill approximately 50,000 packs per day (depending on the size of a pack). 
* The minimum fill quantity per variety is 1,000 packs but you can imagine that
   a run of 5,000 packs per variety is less expensive.